Make Better, Faster, Evidence-Based Decisions

There is a constant demand for new Medical Technology. Our integrated suite of value analysis tools frees your team to focus on what matters most: improving the quality of patient care and reducing healthcare costs.


From clinical product requests to measuring outcomes, Evalus standardizes the value analysis processes helping you maximize the value and ROI of your medical technology investments.

Clinical Product Requests

Value analysis teams evaluate hundreds of new medical products and interventions every year. Through our customizable clinical product requests, your team will have clear visibility. 

Value Analysis Evaluation

Engage with stakeholders and customize evaluation roles based on subject matter expertise. 

Measure Quality Outcomes

By defining and tracking outcome measures in Evalus, team members can agree on the metrics they will use to meet the desired goals.

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Evalus Benefits

Evaluate More Products in Less Time.
 Measure the True Value of Medical Technology 
Improve Engagement
 with Stakeholders.

75% of MedTech purchasing decisions are based solely on vendor claims.

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