Streamline Your Value Analysis Process

Evalus makes it easier for clinicians to request and evaluate new medical products and services using evidence-based best practices.

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Value Analysis Workflow

New Product


Our web-based platform provides a secure and customizable interface for managing new product requests across your healthcare organization. 

Stakeholder Evaluations

Engage key stakeholders in the value analysis process with our product evaluation tools, tailored to each team member's subject matter expertise. 

Value Analysis Decisions

Decision analytics tools provide quantifiable metrics to quickly visualize team alignment and drive value analysis decisions faster than ever. 

How does Evalus benefit your healthcare organization

Evalus helps healthcare organizations increase the efficiency of the value analysis process through our simple, easy-to-use platform and decision analytic tools.

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Faster evaluations and decisions on new product requests

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Improve clinician engagement in the value analysis process

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Reduce costs and improve health outcomes

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Prioritize investments based on organizational values

Evalus Features

Evalus is designed to adapt and jumpstart your value analysis workflow.  With advanced data analytics and workflow tools, Evalus can scale to your needs.

Standard Workflow

From clinical product requests to measuring outcomes, Evalus helps standardize your value analysis processes.

Outcome Tracking

Tracking outcome measures to purchasing decisions helps you measure the true value of your investments.

Decision Analytics

Decision analytics lets all team members view key ranking metrics and consensus indicators in easy-to-read graphics, and charts that reflect the team's alignment.

Supplier Portal

Evalus allows your team the ability to invite suppliers to access your project workspace.

Project Templates

Built-in and customizable evaluation templates allow for the wide variety of product categories.  

Value Analysis Reports

Generate customized reports for each value analysis project to record and align with key stakeholders.

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