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Make Better, Faster Value -Based Decisions as a Team

Evalus helps organizations increase the efficiency of the decision-making process through our simple, easy-to-use platform and decision analytic tools.


Empower your organization with the ability to make data-driven decisions.

Organizational decision-making is challenging...

  • Individual preferences or biases lead to conflict or disagreement.

  • Varying subject expertise leads to incomplete analysis of the problem.

  • Slow and inefficient meetings with multiple rounds of discussion to reach consensus.

How it Works

How it Works


Project Creation

Whenever you make a decision you are responding to some situation that needs your attention. So before you begin with your decision, analyze exactly what it is that’s prompting your actions 

The Evalus framework allows teams to quickly create a project with from scratch or from pre-existing template.  Team members can then review and evaluate the information form wherever they work, saving time and money.


Evaluate Alternatives

The ultimate goal in a multi-stakeholder decision-making setting is to make a final decision that reaches a form of consensus. Ideally, such a decision should be  efficient and represents the true trade-off between conflicting objectives and stakeholder priorities.


Take Action

After a decision has been made and implemented it is important to assess both the outcome of the decision and the process by which the decision was reached. Doing so confirms whether the decision actually led to the desired outcomes.


Software Features

Our platform provides access to advanced analytics tools and a collaborative interface, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive growth.

Decision Analytics

Decision analytics allows teams to drive consensus among stakeholders

Customizable Templates

Built-in and customizable evaluation templates allow for the wide variety of product categories.  

Collaborator Portal

Our collaboration portal allows outside stakeholders restricted access to upload supporting information

Executive  Reports

Executive reports provide team with transparency to decision-makers

Use Cases

Use Cases

Evalus is a flexible software tool that is designed to support your most challenging organizational decisions.

Evalus_Medical Technology.jpg

New Product Requests

Evalus can be help supply chain better determine the value of new products or services in terms of the benefits they provide.

Voice of Customer

Evalus can help marketing and sales teams gather and analyze feedback from customers to understand their needs, preferences, and satisfaction levels. 


Choose the Perfect Plan for Your Team

Get started with a 30-day free trail no credit card required and then pick a plan

Small Team Plan

Upgrade Anytime
  • Up to 4 Evaluators

  • Up to 2 Collaborators

  • Unlimited Projects

  • 100 GB of Storage

Large Team Plan

/ Facilitator License / Month
(Billed annually)
  • Unlimited Evaluators

  • Unlimited Collaborators

  • Unlimited Projects

  • 200 GB of Storage

  • Supplier Portal

  • On-boarding and Training*


Contact for Quote
/ Facilitator License / Month
(Billed annually)
  • On-premise deployment

  • Unlimited Evaluators

  • Unlimited Collaborators

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Supplier Portal

  • Customized Forms & Templates

  • On-boarding and Training*


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