Maximizing Value Through Collaboration

The Evalus platform is designed to maximize the value for virtually every Medical Technology decision you face. Evalus streamlines the Value Analysis process allowing you more time to focus on improving quality of care and reducing costs.

Find out how Evalus can take your healthcare organization's value analysis workflow to the next level.

75% of MedTech purchasing decisions are based solely on vendor claims.

Evaluate More Products in Less Time.

Value analysis teams evaluate hundreds of new medical products and interventions every year.  This process takes too long, resulting in many new technologies, not getting the proper scrutiny they deserve.  With Evalus, teams can quickly request, evaluate, and track the impacts of their MedTech purchasing decisions in one platform.

 Measure the True Value of Medical Technology 

The purpose of any MedTech investment is to maximize value and ROI. With Evalus, new technology can be evaluated and measured based on the core values of your healthcare organization.

Improve Engagement with Stakeholders.

Evalus is designed to engage with stakeholders and help set clear decision roles based on their expertise.  These stakeholders are critical to the success of your value analysis projects, and by engaging them in the process, team consensus can be reached faster than ever while minimizing risk.

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