Plan, Evaluate, and Track

Evalus is designed to adapt and jumpstart your value analysis workflow.  With advanced data analytics and workflow tools, Evalus can scale to your needs.

Standardize Your Value Analysis Workflow.

From clinical product requests to measuring outcomes, Evalus standardizes the processes required to maximize value and ROI of your medical technology investments. 

Built-in Analytics That Supercharge Decision-Making.

Advanced data analytics are used to quantify and compare the value of MedTech products based on your stakeholder's input.  These data analytics, combined with evidence-based best practices helps drive team consensus faster than ever. 

Tailor Evaluations Based on Stakeholder Expertise.

Customized evaluations for different product categories can quickly be developed with built-in templates.  These evaluation templates can then be used to tailor evaluation surveys for specific key stakeholders.  Evalus is designed to give stakeholders the ability to quickly evaluate MedTech products and interventions based on their expertise.

Track Outcome Measures That Matter.

By defining and tracking outcome measures in Evalus, team members can agree on the metrics they will use to meet the desired goals.  These outcome measures can be linked directly to value analysis projects, allowing feedback on how your decisions are adding value to your healthcare organization.

Improve Communication with Suppliers

Suppliers are a valuable partner during any medical technology evaluation. They can supply clinical studies not yet published, identify key functional and/or performance requirements, supply critical regulatory data, and provide you with additional training and usability information.  Evalus helps you capture all this valuable evidence through a secure and dedicated supplier portal.

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